Upcoming Events

We will use this page to update you on any upcoming events related to the construction of South Quay Plaza which may be of interest to you.

Residents Evening 

We have held 2 meetings in the last 2 weeks to discuss the ongoing construction works at South Quay Plaza.

As discussed at the DDE residents meeting we will look to schedule these further in advance in the future. On the 2nd Wednesday of the Quarter.

The next residents meeting will be on Wednesday December 14th at 7pm in the SQP Project office

Out of Hours Work

Please see piling works tab on the previous page to see detail of additional hours we have planned to remove plant from site.

Marsh Wall Contractors

To help plan with the vast amount of development ongoing on the Marsh Wall we have met with the other major developers in the area to discuss upcoming works and discuss actions going forward.

We have our 3rd meeting scheduled for the end of September. If there are any particular subjects you would like bringing up please let us know.