Works and Progress

Progress update

Work to the site continues to progress well on the main build for SQP1.
On site, we are currently working on our core and slab construction, facade and have recently commenced our internal fit-out.
In the office we are busy preparing to welcome our next contractors on site. They are due to join the SQP team in the next couple of months, working on the internal aspects of the building. We are also due to commence our landscaping over the next few months, which will be the start of the vast improvements to the public realm we will be making by the end of the project.
We have also recently welcomed S&R, Briar and Harrisons onto site. They will be busy with the internal fit out over the next years. We are looking forward to a few very successful years with them on board.

Welcome to the Apprentices

In September 2017, 5 new apprentices from the Berkeley ran REACH Apprenticeships Scheme joined the team at South Quay Plaza, taking roles in business admin, site management, logistics management, civil engineering and carpentry. Welcome and best of luck to the 5 of you!
With more contractors due to start on site over the next couple of month, in September 2018 we will be welcoming over 20 new apprentices as part of the REACH Apprenticeship Programme.

Tower Crane Erection

Following the successful erection of TC1 in January, in April 2017 we welcomed TC2 onto site.
Currently TC1 and TC2 stand at 134.35m and 143.2m respectively and will reach 242.35m and 234.35m by the end of the project.
Thank you very much for your support and understanding during the temporary weekend hours we have had to work in order to climb our cranes.

Core Construction - L30.5

Our core construction is progressing well and we are currently meeting our 12 day cycle target for every 1.5 floors.
Currently we are at L30.5 of our core construction. We are aiming to reach L68 and the top of SQP1 in Q2 2019.

Superstructure Slab Construction - L27

As our core construction progresses, our slab construction is closely following approximately 4-6 levels behind.
Currently we have poured up to L27 and meeting our target of a floor a week. In order to minimise disruption to both the environment and the local community we have opted for pre-cast columns and pre-cast slab shutters. We aim to complete all 68 floors by Q3 2019.

Internal Core Works - L26

In order to minimise waste, noise and disruption to both the environment and the local community we have opted for pre-cast elements for the majority of our internal core works.
We are utilising twinwall and pre-cast staircases, which are delivered to site and dropped into place.

Basement Welfare

We have now completed the fit-out of our welfare facilities in our lower basement.


Our lighting on site is running on temporary electrics, significantly reducing our carbon emissions. Currently our jumpform and slabs are lit up to L24, closely following our superstructure slab construction.
Our M&E contractors are also busy with our basement plant room, chiller plant rooms, and electrical intake. Large items of plant are being delivered and placed some weighing up to 15 tonnes per item. Riser works currently stretch from level B1 to level 21 and floor plate works stretch from level 2 to 10.

Internal Fit-out

We commenced our internal fit-out earlier this month, with the first set of party walls up on L02 and L03.