Our Vision

To be a world class business generating long-term value by creating successful, sustainable places where people aspire to live.

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How are we performing?

  1. MyHome Plus is an online portal which enables customers to electronically access information regarding their purchase and the running of their home. MyHome Plus is underway and the 1st phase has been completed. The 2nd phase consists of spec choices and 3rd phase consists of the online buying guides, both of these phases are currently in progress. All units at South Quay Plaza will have access to MyHome Plus.
  2. Berkeley Group operates a UK First Policy and therefore the Sales and Marketing team should ensure that the development is launched in the UK first. The official launch of South Quay Plaza was held on the 15th July 2015 in the UK and the first overseas sales launch was in Hong Kong on 27th - 30th August 2015.
  3. We have included information on Our Vision and the Berkeley Customer Satisfaction Commitment on all of our marketing material, so customers can understand our aims.
  4. We have also included information on specific sustainability features of our homes and developments on our marketing material. Our quarterly client newsletter has a regular sustainability section and the interactive board at the Sales & Marketing Suite has a specific section on the sustainable features of the development.
  5. Once completions start taking place, we will also include information in all Living Guides that enables occupants to understand and operate their home efficiently and make best use of local facilities.
  1. We have designed our homes to consider future climate change to ensure continued thermal comfort. The residential units and communal corridors have been modelled to predict overheating potential. Current design includes 1.3w/m2k u-values for the glazed areas in residential units with a log 'g' value of thermal transmission. In addition, comfort cooling has been provide to all principal rooms in all units.
  2. FTTP broadband infrastructure has been provided to all residential properties. Current proposal is to provide BT & Virgin. Additional service of 'HyperOptic' or similar service is also under review and will be confirmed at the conclusion of the detailed design stages.
  3. We will also be providing internal recycling facilities for every home in the form of 3 x 10L recycling bins.
  1. The key actions adopted at SQP from the social sustainability workshop are:

    a) Make provision for a community engagement officer during the occupation of SQP1&2
    b) Facilitating and funding an annual professionally managed event to spread knowledge about the site and create an identity
    c) Provide provision for a community fund
  2. We have applied Berkeley's climate change adaptation checklist to South Quay Plaza and implemented the following measures:

    a) Flooding - site protected by Thames Barrier and there are no residential units on the ground floor.
    b) Overheating - Triple glazing will be implemented which is highly energy efficient (U value: 1.4). G value is appropriate for residential units. Due to limitations on ambient noise levels and associated window opening zones, comfort cooling has been provided to all residential units to prevent overheating.
  3. We also consulted an ecologist pre-planning and implemented a number of recommendations to protect and enhance the local ecology.
  4. In order to encourage sustainable transport to and from South Quay Plaza, we will provide approximately 1,448 cycle storage spaces.
  5. We have included rainwater harvesting in the detailed design for SQP1&2. The scheme allows for the collection of rain to augment the use of mains water for irrigation. Rainwater harvesting tank currently designed to a capacity of 15m3, located in Basement Level 01. This system is compliant with Wat 2 - External Water Use for 1 CfSH credit.
  6. All of our commercial spaces will be built to BREEAM Excellent standard.
  7. Roof gardens will be provided on Level 28 (SQP2) and 56 (SQP1). SQP1 will be provided with PV on the roof instead of green roof, due to upper roof levels required for PV panels and not available for green roof build-up.
  1. We are aiming to reduce our operational carbon emissions intensity by 10% and introduce a programme to become carbon positive.
  2. We communicate the requirements of the Berkeley Group Sustainable Procurement Policy to all contractors during the tendering process. Additionally, our sustainability manager reviews the scope of each package prior it being issued to potential contractors. Sustainability is also discussed at pre- and post-tender meetings where we ask potential contractors to identify what else can be offered to achieve good practice on site.
  3. We always aim to procure all contractors on best overall value rather than cost alone.
  4. South Quay Plaza is a registered site with the Considerate Contractors Scheme and has had two audits so far, achieving 43/50 and 44/50.
  5. We also undertake monthly sustainability assessments, to ensure we operate as a responsible business.
  6. All timber purchased by our contractors at South Quay Plaza is FSC/PEFC certified. We obtain the certificates prior to any timber being brought to site and delivery receipts, as well as our contractors regularly-updated timber tracker are reviewed on a monthly basis.
  7. Furthermore, we are aiming to reduce construction waste by 10% and re-use or recycle at least 90% of total waste produced on site. So far we have:

    a) Recycled waste paper from the office.
    b) Incorporated the temporary columns installed into the SQP1 basement as permanent columns.
    c) Used materials out of the building that was demolished on the site of SQP1 footprint for the project office, including glass screens and doors.
    d) Used a pre-fabricated steel frame structure for the Sales and Marketing Suite.
    e) Recycled/re-used more than 95% of all demolition material.
    f) Used a barge to remove the muckaway from the basement, which was used to restore a wildlife centre in Essex.
  8. We have also implemented a number of water efficiency measures, as a way of working towards a target of 5% reduction per site operative by April 2018. So far, we have incorporated push-taps into the Expanded site cabins and low volume flashes on toilets in the Berkeley Homes office. Modular bathrooms will also be used and owing to their construction method with tiling undertaken off site, the site water usage will be reduced. Rainwater harvesting to supply the welfare area is being considered at an appropriate point in the project.
  9. We have also implemented a number of paper-saving measures across our activities. Where possible in meetings information is displayed on screens, reducing the amount of printing required. "Safe-Print" has been implemented, this requires a pin-code to be entered at the printer in order to print off, reducing unwanted printing taking place. Since installing a print release system, SQP's office paper consumption has decreased significantly. 62.5% fewer boxes of paper were ordered in Q1 2017 compared to Q3 2016. This represents a saving of 2500 sheets of paper each quarter.
    We have included rainwater harvesting in the detailed design for SQP1&2. The scheme allows for the collection of rain to augment the use of mains water for irrigation. Rainwater harvesting tank currently designed to a capacity of 15m3, located in Basement Level 01. This system is compliant with Wat 2 - External Water Use for 1 CfSH credit.
  1. The Berkeley Life programme was launched in January 2017 for all Berkeley Homes (Capital) staff. This includes exercise, nutrition and personal development sessions which are held across all projects and offices.
  2. We have ran 2 x two day sessions on Leadership Through Values training, as part of our talent management programmes to realise the potential of our people. Further sessions are scheduled in the near future.
  3. All direct Berkeley staff (with the exception of the Reach Apprentices) are paid the Living Wage Foundation's 'Living Wage'.
  4. Berkeley Homes (SEL) has an appointed Berkeley Foundation representative and Evelina Children's Hospital was recently selected as our divisional designated charity. We have been involved in a number of fundraising events including the London Marathon, Gaelic Football Tournament, Question of Sport quiz and a golf tournament.
  5. All direct Berkeley employees are provided with individual training assessments and training is allocated based on their job role. As a minimum training includes a Group induction, health and safety and sustainability.