We are very passionate about improving and having a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We care about the local area and do our best to make a positive contribution. We also care about you, our neighbours and are consistently working towards ensuring we minimise our negative impact.

Here, you can find information on our charity involvement, how we have responded to your requests and other community initiatives we have got involved in. You can also download our progress posters and find out when and where the next residents consultation evening will be take place.

If you have any suggestions or ideas of how we can positively contribute to the local community or reduce the impact of our construction operations, please email Adam on

Local area history - story telling workshop - 9th July, 5pm-7pm

With the development of South Quay Plaza well underway we are now focusing on the landscaping to create an inviting, open, accessible space.

We want to incorporate local histories and local people into a storytelling narrative, which will wind its way through the landscape with words and symbols carved into paving stones and landscaping features.

We would like to invite you to share your stories and memories of the local area to potentially be included in this arts project.

We are holding a public workshop as part of this process on Tuesday 9th July, from 5pm - 7pm at CCT Venues - Docklands.

Registration is essential - please contact:

Name: William Hamill

Phone: 02031764161


Charity Involvement

Charity Involvement

We regularly organise and get involved in charity fundraising events. In the last year alone we have raised over £160,000 by taking part in the following:

  • GAA7s Gaelic Football Tournament - £29,940.00
  • Golf Day - £11,884.38
  • 5-a-side Football Tournament - £8,188.13
  • Wine Tasting - £63,000

After a successful partnership with Toyhouse, we have now selected our new designated charity, Evelina Children's Hospital.

Evelina is one of only two specialist children's hospitals in London.


Treating Visitors with Respect

  • Branded PPE - We provide branded PPE to visitors with logos promoting our commitment to sustainability and care for our workforce.
  • Viewing Platform - Visitors can access a viewing platform overlooking the site with infographic highlighting landmarks and location.
Community Gestures

Community Goodwill Gestures

  • Advertising - We have provided signs and advertising for local businesses.
  • Car Washing - We arranged for car washing of DDE residents' cars as a thank you gesture.
  • Free Car Parking - We offered free car park spacing to DDE residents when their car lift service broke down.
  • DDE Basement - We arranged for the DDE basement to be cleaned.
  • DDE Access Road - We built a private access road for DDE residents.
  • Site Visits - We have arranged site visits and talks to Thames Reach readiness Programme, Street Elite and BH apprentices.
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DDE Barrier DecommissioningDDE Barrier Decommissioning